If there is a primary theme behind my books, it can be boiled down to that one word. 

Simply, you are not who you were meant to be. But you can be.

Half the battle is getting out of your own way – letting go of extra weight that represents a misguided story and a “learned” identity.

The other half is having the courage to take the journey.

Why is weight loss so hard? It's not just a willpower issue. It's a heart issue.

I going to lose weight and keep it off for real this time! – Me every 6 months.

I struggled with my weight for much of my life. 

I would lose weight – a lot of it – then regain it all…and some. 

In fact, I’ve lost at least 75 lbs.  4 different times in my life.

I had plenty of willpower each time. But what I didn’t have was healing. 

Under all the weight was a wound – many actually.  These wounds were at the root of a “self” I created without realizing it. I kept my heart guarded, created a false identify to protect myself and hide, and lived with a food addiction that kept my pain buried.

The only way I could not just lose the weight, but be free from the weight was to get to the root of the problem.

This book is that journey, and it’s an invitation for you to take the same journey.

Weight loss is not a two-step plan. It's a journey of transformation.
This is the map.

I realized something on my many journeys to lose weight. Nobody told me about the journey – the real journey.

Weight loss is sold as a two-step plan: the exciting start and the glorious finish.

That’s why companies are making billions of dollars a year on weight loss products. That two-step process sells. 

The truth, however, is not so simple. Ever wonder why you always give up around the same time on your journey? Or follow the same patterns in losing and gaining weight?

I’ve discovered the map – the whole map- for the weight loss transformation journey. Understand the map and you’ll reach the end…finally

Learn the 10 steps to real transformation in your body (and mind and heart) and finally lose the weight for good. You’ll discover more than a foit body, you’ll discover the life you’ve been hoping for all along.